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Unsent letter to Espen and Carv

February, 2008

Dear Espen and Carv:
I’m writing this to congratulate you for the amazing job you’ve done. I’ve been on punkdisasters for at least three years now, and I’m so proud of witnessing how it turned from ‘a blink fansite’ to ‘one of those blink fansites’ and then into the greatest blink fansite amongst them all.

I remember how the layout changes that Espen performed almost regularly was one of the things that impressed me the most at first. How after moving to a better server the large amount of media came, although the monthly or weekly bootleg had already been a feature for some time. The Dreamhost times came and the site was often down… It all summed up just to get you almost where you are now.
I remember the We Don’t Need to Whisper leaking day, when the site got the most users online ever and how Espen wrote a news post with the songs and I couldn’t believe you were even corageous enough to do it.

I can’t believe that you, Carv, are the same guy I once offered hosting for his remixes, besides posting them on my then infamous Angels and Airwaves website that later turned into AlwaysFallingDown.com
Who would have said that you were going to get so big and important for the community!

It’s awesome how you pulled it off. I can’t say I’m completely impressed, I mean, it was a matter of time. Maybe it all started with really small things that set punkdisasters.com apart from the other sites, just so it could become this great.

Once again, congratulations for your work, and thanks for bringing us punkdisasters.com

Keep well,


Espen is the owner of punkdisasters.com and Carv is the admin of the site.


Lock the doors and slide behind the unlit shades

I’ve been listening to +44’s album since I woke up this morning and used it as background music while studying. It does a pretty good job keeping me focused, although I couldn’t resist and jumped to grab my guitar and play along 145 (acoustic version of 155) and Cliff Diving.

I can’t even remember the last time I played those songs, but they made me remember that I never learned their guitar solos. Damn.

Fre, my girlfriend, is coming in less than 20 minutes. Last Thursday she told me that she would be coming here: she lives 50 km (30 miles) away from here in a small city named La Plata. I have some of my best friends living there as well so I go almost every weekend and spend it with them.

But this is the first time she’s coming here! I’m so enthused that I even swept my bedroom’s floor, ordered all my books, and put all my dirty clothes in their place (the bag for laundry, of course).

I can’t believe that I only slept 4 hours last night. And just for your interest, mixing coffee with energy drinks will only get you an aching stomach and will not make you hyper-intelligent and get all your work done in 30 minutes.

+44’s CD keeps spinning and she’s at my door.