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[Music] I Voted for Kodos – My New Obsession

01. Turn The Radio On
02. Never Go Home
03. Friday Night Lights Out
04. These Scars Won’t Heal Themselves
05. Radio Love Song
06. Please Die In A Fire
07. You’re My Favorite
08. Wishful Thinking In Fourth Period
09. Sherrie’s Song
10. Three Days ’til Rome
11. Perfecting The Art Of Persuasion

Apparently there are also 3 bonus tracks that I can’t find anywhere, so if anyone knows something please let me know.

12. Turn It Up
13. Good Riddance
14. I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

They were founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1999, after singer-trombonist Rick Bisenius met guitarist Chris Holoyda at a Reel Big Fish concert. They began playing together when the members were in high school/college. After a guest show at Battle of the Bands in Plattevile, WI, they quickly became one of the best ska bands known to mankind. Their name comes from an episode of The Simpsons, “Treehouse of Horror VII”, in which Homer Simpson says, “Don’t blame me—I voted for Kodos.” [watch it here] Although known for their tongue-in-cheek material (they have noted that celery is the band’s official vegetable), their song lyrics have also tackled serious issues such as murder and teenage depression. Their first album, Close Enough for Ska, is considered the success story of a small independent record label, Close to Nothing, which was founded by three teenagers.

The band members would begin shows with informal instruction on how to skank so that the audience would appreciate the style of dance associated with ska music. They toured nationally in 2004, and placed number 7 in PureVolume’s top ten unsigned bands in the US. The band played the 2004–2006 Vans Warped Tours, and music critic Joe Lynch described their 2006 performance as “freewheeling and energetic”. During a separate national tour in early 2006, one music journalist wrote that the band “uses a hot horn section, plenty of guitar and on-the-mark lyrics to fuel a high-energy show.”

The band stopped working together in 2007, although Bisenius and Holyda continued to collaborate on a new band, Firefight, and Bisenius began a solo project, The Faster We Fall.

Artist: I Voted for Kodos
Album: My New Obsession
Label: Snapdragon
Playtime: 34:59 min
Genre: Ska/Pop-Punk
Released: March 17, 2006
Size: 63.78 MiB
Quality: 320 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo
Download: MediaFire (64 MiB)
URL: MySpace | PureVolume | Official Website
Rating: 7/10 (may change in time)

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I’m posting it so you can discover (or rediscover) this band while I’m getting to know them.

Do you like the way they sound? What are your favorite songs?


Today I had my first exam

Last night I put my alarm at 5 30 am, and almost half dozen more reminders every 5 minutes so I would wake up and study further for my Introduction to Scientific Thinking exam.

I woke up with the first alarm, and then with the third one I went to the lower floor (my bedroom has two floors, it’s weird) and lied on a futon.

“Only 10 more minutes” I said to myself. At least an hour passed and I turned on my laptop. No new mails, or maybe just some spam from Russia (I hope the guy that’s sending me so much spam doesn’t get shot).

I finally woke up at 8 30, the sky was all grey and I just didn’t feel like getting up for studying. My sister was leaving for work, so I said goodbye and turned on my laptop again.

Yesterday I disabled my former blog at valenzine.com. Apparently by doing so I fucked up my dad’s blog, so I had to fix that before starting my day.

Later on I decided to start studying, but first listening to Xx by Firefight [download here, listen at the end of the post], but due to my obsessive nature, I had to get the chords to that song, or at least the lyrics. Although I had tried looking for the lyrics before (and failed miserably), I gave it one more try and ended in their MySpace page. adding them as friends to see if I can ask them personally for those two things. So yeah, basically I spent 30 minutes doing everything but studying.

Oh I needed some coffee. I always make myself some latte. It was much easier to prepare that glorious drink back home where I had the microwave oven and I would just put some instant coffee and milk heat it up, then added some sugar and it was party time for me and my coffee.

I just spent half hour looking for a good picture of a latte. Couldn’t find any.

So I had my coffee and started studying. I kept obsessing over that band, Firefight, so I downloaded the last I Voted for Kodos album. They broke up in 2007 and two of their former members are now in Firefight.

Finally, I sat down and started taking even more notes for the exam. The teacher allowed us to use our notes and the book for the test. It was a multiple choice kind of test. It was a pretty annoying exam.

The teacher had to ask us to correct some exercises and questions because they weren’t correctly written. Come on, that’s stupid! If I happen to fail or something, I have a good excuse now.

I didn’t have lunch or anything, at 1 pm I had to rush to the bus stop to catch that bus. It was still cloudy and a bit chilly so I wore a sweater for the first time in a long time. I got to my physics class and I finished taking notes. A guy with a weird accent (I’m thinking he may be from another country) approached me with some questions about the exam. Being that not many classmates share the Scientific Thinking class with me, I felt special!

Well, I was holding the book needed for the exam so it was pretty obvious, but anyway, it was cool. We shared some thoughts and then the three hours from physics were over.

The exam. It took me one of the two hours I had.

I left. I was going to visit my aunt but she didn’t reply my texts and I took the bus home. It was a weird way home.

I bought some new material for physics, I have my first exam next Tuesday.

I’ll get the mark from this one next Friday.

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